World IDN Poker Gaming plc Announcement Regarding CEO



LONDON, UK — World Gaming plc (OTC BB: WGMGY), Mr. David Craven’s employment as Chief Executive Officer of World Gaming Plc has ceased with effect from 13th January 2003. Mr Craven had been suspended, pending investigation of allegations against him, since 18th December 2002. These allegations were to have been fully discussed with him at a Board Meeting on the 17th January 2003. However, he has now notified the Company that he considers his employment to be at an end forthwith, and alleges that he has been unfairly dismissed, an allegation strongly denied by the Company.


World Gaming Plc is a UK-based I-gaming software and e-business services company. The Company is an international developer, licensor, and provider of online gaming products, including casino, sportsbook, and pari-mutuel betting.


Starnet Systems International Inc., a subsidiary of the Company incorporated and operating out of Antigua, licenses its gaming software to third parties for an initial licensing fee and monthly royalties. Inphinity Interactive Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company develops gaming software and web pages. The Company’s Internet casino, which targets only customers outside North America, is operated by its subsidiary, World IDN Poker Gaming Services, Inc., also incorporated and operating out of Antigua.


Major Changes at VIP Casino


VIP Casino ( has undergone some major changes for the new year. The site is sporting a great new look, plus upgraded support, massive jackpots, and monthly promos.


“Right now we’re offering a 50/50 sign-up bonus for new players,” said Casino Manager Kate Berkeley. “We’ll match your first $50 deposit with an additional $50.”


Berkeley said that no-download-required Java games will be added soon.


Last month, Millie M. was the big winner at VIP Casino winning over $70,000 on the Spice Island Progressive Jackpot.


“It was an unbelievable experience winning that much,” said Millie. “I don’t have any plans yet for the winnings, I just have to sit a while and think about it. But I know I’ll buy myself something nice.”


BoDog Posts Survivor 6 Odds


With the cast for CBS’ hit reality television show, Survivor, announced yesterday, BoDog Sportsbook and Casino has made Deena Bennett and JoAnna Ward the odds-on-favorites to outwit, outplay and outlast the other 15 competitors when the show begins February 13. Both women are currently listed at 3/1.


Bennett and Ward are two of the 16 competitors chosen for the sixth installment of Survivor. BoDog has offered odds on the previous four seasons and last season’s odds-on-favorite, Brian Heidik, was the eventual winner.


“With so many Americans tuned into this show it’s almost a guarantee we’ll offer odds,” said Rob Gillespie, President of BoDog. “In terms of non-sporting events, it’s one of the most watched competitive television events in the world. We’re proud to be the first to offer this kind of unique product to our clients.”


Roger Sexton, from Valencia, CA, is the top-rated male contestant at 4/1. Odds are offered for all 16 contestants, but BoDog Book Managers have annointed the two women as the favorites.


“We struggled to narrow it down to just one favorite,” said Gillespie. “Both women possess everything a good Survivor should have – physical fitness, brains, and above all else, an ability to handle different situtations on the fly.”


Gillespie made special note of the two women’s occupations as a determining factor. Bennett is a Deputy District Attorney and Ward works as a School Guidance Counselor.


“If they can handle those positions, then dealing with 15 other strangers won’t be such a strain on them,” joked Gillespie.


Betting on Survivor began today and will be available right up until the Season Finale.




judi slot

CT” Casino Country” offers Premier Bed & Breakfast Accommodations to Slot Online Players

There is no doubt that the 20,000 plus people who visit Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casino’s located in Eastern CT , on a daily basis are having the times of their lives.


But after the excitement, energy, and crowds, many visitors like to experience the relaxed hospitality of a New England Bed & Breakfast. Perhaps curl up in front of your own fireplace in a luxury guest room with four poster bed. There are many B & B’s dotted throughout the beautiful countryside surrounding both Casinos-several only minutes from either casino. There rates are all very comperable to local hotels, with many offering mid-week special rates and extra value incentives. All are also within a short 25 minute drive of Mystic and all it has to offer.


The Mystic Country Inn’s Association has 8 properties, all individually owned and operated that offer a wide range of lodging accommodations. From a circa 1793 Colonial Farm to a modern hideaway nestled in the woods complete with inground swimming pool. Guests to these Bed & Breakfasts have the added bonus of working directly with the owner/innkeepers who are very knowledgeable about the area, many offer discount vouchers to Casino restaurants,area attractions and local restaurants, and go out of their way to ensure a wonderful stay at their inn.


Whether you are traveling singly or with your family, the Mystic Country Inn’s Association can accommodate your specific needs with one simple “hot line” phone number: 1-800-598-7116. This number is staffed seven days per week from 8am-9:00 pm and the innkeepers are aware of all rooms available and will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to find a place to stay in CT’s “Casino Country”.


America’s Premiere Lottery Magazine Set To Make History…Again!


Fort Myers, FL—For a new publication serving the needs of America’s 150 million weekly lottery judi slot  players, Lottery$ecret$ magazine began quietly making electronic publishing history with its debut this past June when its first issue penetrated more than half the 38 states holding lotteries in the U.S. as well as attracting subscriber’s internationally.


Now, with the award of a million dollar check to an online lottery winner this past week by, Lottery$ecret$ magazine is set to make history once more by being the first lottery magazine to provide the players of this popular game with complete handicapping and game statistics in their pages and daily online updates at their new Castor-Pollux Publications website ( But, there’s more to this story.


Lottery$ecret$ magazine’s format is history making too. The magazine is the first to

present lottery results in a manner previously unseen in ANY lottery publication. While other lottery publications present players with a mere “list” of previous game results,

Lottery$ecret$ has a unique method of breaking down those results and thus reducing the ‘statistical noise’ making short-term game trends easier for players to see and take advantage of in their game play.


Moreover, each lottery player has their magazine delivered to them with “customised

color-coded statistics”–another first for ANY lottery publication.


According to Lottery$ecret$ editor, A. L. De Armond, “This means each issue of our

magazine going to each different lottery state is a completely ‘custom’ product. Each issue provides the player with statistics ONLY for their games of choice. It’s never been done before in lotto publishing history and wouldn’t be cost effective if we were the normal print publication instead of being electronically published and delivered.”


Perhaps, according to De Armond, the biggest history making facet of Lottery$ecret$ magazine is the publications “No Magic Beans” approach to publishing lottery information and advice to players. “We don’t publish ‘predictions’ for players, but rather provide education and researched methods to make the player a more consistent winner, while they play for a jackpot win! We feel this is a more ‘honest’ approach than producing

predictions that could be a week or more stale by the time they were published even

electronically,” De Armond said.


Lottery$ecret$ magazine, has become “America’s premiere lottery magazine for lotteries worldwide” in less than six months and now boasts an international audience with subscribers from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


The magazine also sponsors an online forum and egroup for players.




From Harvard Yard To Vegas Strip

Harrah’s feedback frenzy


Gary Loveman, a onetime Harvard Business School professor and, improbably, the future CEO of Harrah’s in Las Vegas, stands in the lobby of his company’s Rio Hotel and gestures in the direction of the Palazzo Suites. Such opulence, he says, offers the kind of muted elegance that God might have designed. That is, if God’s tastes ran to 9,000-square-foot layouts, private Jacuzzis, towel warmers, remote-controlled drapes, and personal butlers. The suites were intended to lure billionaire baccarat players from Asia. But the marble floors are mostly empty now, rendered vacant in the current Darwinian world of Vegas economics. Harrah’s Entertainment has ceded pursuit of the highest of the high rollers to such wow-the-crowd hotels as Bellagio and the Venetian. High-end gambling “is a very sexy business,” concedes the 42-year-old Loveman. But with the major casinos competing for the same top-500 gamblers, baccarat became Harrah’s loss leader–too much loss and not enough lead–a glamorous stepsister to the lowly slot machines, Harrah’s true glass slipper.


In 1997, when Harrah’s bowed out of the trend toward faux Eiffel Towers, Cirque du Soleils, and erupting volcanoes, analysts questioned whether the company could continue as a long-term industry player. But Harrah’s had a plan, embraced by Loveman, then a consultant, to grow the company without expanding into saturated markets or concocting replicas of the Statue of Liberty.


So far, that plan seems to have worked. Through branding, cross-casino marketing, loyalty cards, and technology, Loveman and company have made Harrah’s Entertainment, the most diversified of the big four gaming companies, a model of effective customer feedback. In an industry accustomed to relying on intuition, Harrah’s has built a database of 25 million UFA customers that drills down through all its activities. Digital profiles are based not on observed behavior of what customers have spent but on analysis of what they are capable of spending. The technology includes built-in marketing interventions designed to close the gap between actual and potential spending. In this new world of computer-generated predictions, the customers are willing participants. Harrah’s may be the best example of this kind of ongoing feedback system that, Loveman contends, could be applied to theme parks, ski resorts, cruise lines, retailers, and subscription businesses such as AOL and satellite TV.


Loveman joined Harrah’s in 1998, when it already had invested in a $17 million computer system to harvest data from customers at all its casinos, a revolutionary concept in the gaming industry. With customers wielding “Total Rewards” loyalty cards, Harrah’s patented a tracking system to shadow them-syncing up name, sex, age, zip code, playing time, money won and lost, and a history of each gambler’s behavior at Harrah’s properties. Data gushed in from the slot machines, which require almost no labor and as a result are the most profitable part of the business. What Harrah’s lacked, and what Loveman could contribute, was analysis of that data and marketing to take advantage of it.


Loveman had taught a case study on Harrah’s to his students and had done some work for the company when he sent an unsolicited letter to CEO Philip Satre proposing ways to expand the business without incinerating capital.


A year after analysts questioned the company’s viability, Satre had been advised that he needed a marketing maven for COO. He settled on a choice so unconventional that he didn’t tell his board about it until it was a fait accompli. The choice surprised Loveman as much as anyone. He was then just a year away from tenure at Harvard and knew that his wife and kids wouldn’t want to leave the venerable culture of Massachusetts for the neon desert. But the professor was won over when Satre said he could commute from his home in Massachusetts. Concerned board members pointed out the obvious: That for all his academic credentials, Loveman completely lacked any experience that qualified him to manage 26 casinos, 15,000 hotel rooms, more than 100 restaurants, and 40,000 employees. Until then, Loveman had managed only one secretary and one research assistant. But years orchestrating discussions at the B-school, where his course was one of the most popular electives, had prepared him to make smart decisions on the fly.


Showing a guest around the Rio, one of two Harrah’s properties in Las Vegas, Loveman laughs as a parade of harlequin jugglers, stilt walkers, and mimes snakes through the crowded aisles. It’s as if he’s compensating for the solitude of his youth.


Loveman grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, the child of older, frugal parents. His father was a factory worker, his mother a homemaker. His brother and sister were already out of the house by the time he started school. The family rarely went on vacations, or even to restaurants. Outings were limited to drives to relatives’ houses.


As a kid, Loveman was driven and competitive. He attended Bobby Knight’s basketball camp, where he could outshoot the other boys, not, he says, because he was a natural player but because he had practiced for hours in the rain, the dark, and the cold. When he wasn’t chosen for the camp’s all-star team, Loveman took up tennis. By the time he reached his senior year in high school, he was the top-ranked player in Indianapolis. On the public courts he met his wife, Kathy, a formidable athlete herself with 11 varsity letters.


He moved on to Wesleyan University, where the work for a kid from an average public school was “so hard, so voluminous” that it threatened to overwhelm him. But once he caught up with his peers, he surpassed most of them, graduating Phi Beta Kappa with honors. Similarly at MIT, his modest training in math proved insufficient for basic economics courses in his doctoral program. “They might just as well have been teaching it in Slavic,” Loveman says. “I was drowning.” With the help of a friend, he taught himself what he needed to know, eventually graduating with one of three prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships. Getting his Ph.D. from MIT, he says, “was the most intimidating thing I’ve ever done.”


That Loveman, Harrah’s COO and president, has an advanced degree in economics from MIT might seem superfluous in the business of gaming, but given the direction Harrah’s had taken, a background laden with statistics helps. However, the roots of his thinking were far from academic. When Loveman was 12, his father took him to “family night” at the Western Electric Plant in Indianapolis. He was shocked at the roar of the machinery and the oppressive and dehumanizing environment his father had worked in for 40 years. Much of his thinking about the business world, which he taught in his standing-room-only Service Management course at Harvard, was derived from that factory visit. Simply put, his message has been that great employees deliver great service, which makes money for a company.


The leap from Harvard to Harrah’s was clearly the road less traveled. But the fit has been right for Loveman. He went from an annual income of approximately $120,000 (not including consultancies) to more than $3 million last year in salary and options; from driving a Honda Accord to a silver Ferrari F-355 Spider; from flying commercial to corporate jets; and from off-the-rack suits to custom-made tailoring. Loveman and his family are building a large home in the same Massachusetts community he’s lived in for years.


Loveman clearly relishes his job. “I like the business,” he declares, “and I like gambling.” (He does seem to be a latecomer to the latter, however. Aside from a little dabbling at the tables while on holiday in Monaco, he’d never gambled until he was 32 and already working as a consultant for Harrah’s.) “I like the fact that customers enjoy what we sell. I like the hotels, restaurants, and the entertainment and complexity that comes with trying to deliver those services all the time. I like the mathematics–and the fact that at its base, gambling is a statistical activity.”


When Loveman signed on, Harrah’s was collecting 36% of its customers’ gaming dollars. With tiered Total Rewards cards and a Harrah’s property in nearly every gaming market in the U.S., the take has increased to 42% in four years. Second-quarter revenues for 2002 rose to $1 billion, up 17.9% from a year ago.


Late one night, Loveman sweeps by the line of visitors at the Rio reception desk, past posh rooms where Diamond customers are greeted by white-gloved receptionists. He moves into the sprawling, carpeted football field of slot machines. The system of Pavlovian marketing isn’t visible, except for one lit sign that reads “Bathrooms” and “Total Rewards.” In the world of Harrah’s, both are necessities.


Shortly after he became COO, Loveman told his managers they could pay more productive workers a higher wage. The “terrific employee” theory seems to be paying off. A Las Vegas driver dropping off someone at the Rio succinctly explained what’s going on: “They treat their people good,” he says. “Employees pass it on to the customers.”


Harrah’s accelerated effort to understand and appeal to its customers “can be pushed much further,” Loveman says, “as we improve our predictive and diagnostic capabilities, we become ever closer to customer preferences, and add more powerful inducements.”


Loveman’s latest move, engineered by CIO John Boushy, allows customers to put Harrah’s coupons directly into slot machines rather than having to go to a desk to exchange them for cash. This streamlined system, currently available only in Nevada, cuts down on labor costs while letting Harrah’s discover which customers respond to which pitches, enriching the database.


Pretty soon, Loveman and Co. will have taken the guesswork out of everything. Everything but the gambling, that is.



ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

The Joys of Mini-Baccarat

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s one of the best bets in the house

“You don’t have to know anything about cards and you don’t have to be a high roller,” is the way one Atlantic City pit boss put it when he was explaining the game of mini-baccarat to me some 28 years ago. And you know what? He was absolutely right.

In fact, even if you’re clueless about mini-baccarat, I’ll show you how to play like a pro in the time it takes you to read this article.

Why Play Mini-Baccarat?

Ok, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What’s the big deal about this relatively obscure casino game?”

Here’s the scoop. You can get a return close to 99% of all the money you bet on mini-baccarat, and you don’t have to be an Einstein to play.

If you’re a ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล slot player, take a look at the slot returns summarized in Casino Player’s “Slot Chart” and tell me the number of times you see any denomination slot machine in any casino jurisdiction return 99%?


I’m waiting.

If you’re having a hard time finding any, don’t be surprised, because most slot machines pay less than 99%. The point is that mini-baccarat offers slot players a better value.


How about you table game players, scoffing at your fellow players who play the machines? If you’re playing blackjack using “intuition” to guide your playing strategy decisions, guess what? You’re lucky if you get back 98% of the money that you’re betting. And you “roll dem bones” crapshooters who love to make a few bets on the numbers or on the hardways along with your pass line wager-you’re also in for a surprise. Your overall return ain’t close to 99%. Ditto for the roulette, Let It Ride, keno, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, and unskilled video poker players. Nothing comes close to that 99% return you’ll get for playing mini-baccarat which, remember, requires little to no effort to master.


How to Play


How simple is it to play mini-baccarat? It’s as easy as picking heads or tails in a coin flip. Only instead of heads or tails, in mini-baccarat you must pick either the Bank Hand or the Player Hand.


Now tell me that’s not easy.


Where do you find mini-baccarat tables in a casino? Not in the baccarat pits, where the high rollers play the traditional game of baccarat (a la James Bond), but on the main casino floor next to the blackjack tables.

Nowadays, mini-baccarat tables come in different shapes and sizes. Some are semi-circled like blackjack tables and others are rectangular, sort of like a smaller version of the regulation-size tables you see in the baccarat pits. Don’t let the size or shape confuse you. They all have the same rules and the table minimums are usually more in line with what you’d find with the other table games on the main casino floor.


Mini-baccarat is a card game dealt with six or eight decks of cards. The objective of the game is to guess which of the two dealt hands-Bank or Player-will have the higher total. The hand closest to 9 is the winner. If you guess right, you win and the casino will pay you 1 to 1 (bet $5 and you win $5). If you guess wrong, then you lose your bet. In the event both hands tie, it’s a push and you don’t win or lose.


All the cards in mini-baccarat count their face value, except for 10s and picture cards, which count as zero, and the Ace, which counts as 1. So, if the Bank Hand had a 3 and 4, the total of the hand is a 7. If it contained a 2 and 10, it would total 2 (remember that 10s count as zero).

Just like 21 is the highest hand in blackjack, 9 is the highest hand in mini-bac. You can’t bust in mini-baccarat like you can in blackjack. If the cards in the Bank or Player Hand total more than 9, then the count is adjusted by subtracting 10. So a hand that contains a 5 and 7 equals 2 (12 minus 10). Another quick way to adjust your total if it exceeds 9 is to just ignore the first digit in the total. In the above example, a 5 and 7 equals 12. If you ignore the first digit (the 1), your adjusted total is 2.


Try these sample hands to see how easy this is.




  1. 5 + 3                  1. 8


  1. Queen + Ace       2. 1


  1. 9 + 10                3. 9


  1. 6 + Jack             4. 6


  1. 8 + 8                  5. 6


  1. 10 + 5 + 9           6. 4


  1. 7 + 3 + King        7. Zero




Why You Won’t Feel Intimidated When You Play


Most recreational casino players feel uneasy playing blackjack or craps because they’re afraid if they make a mistake, it will upset other players or, worse, cause them to lose. Or they feel intimidated by the dealer, the fast pace of the game, the confusing playing rules, and the stress of having to learn and make the right play in seconds.


Well, put all this behind you, because when you play mini-bac, you don’t have to be concerned about any of the above.


Visualize yourself walking into your favorite casino and taking a seat at a mini-baccarat table. You place some cash on the green felt layout; the casino dealer counts it and gives you the equivalent amount in casino chips. You look down at the green felt layout and directly in front of you is a clearly labeled area for you to place your wager on either the Bank Hand or the Player Hand. You decide to make a minimum wager on the Bank Hand, so you place a red chip there. Believe it or not, that’s all you need to know to play the game.

When you play mini-baccarat, it’s just you against the dealer, just like in blackjack. There could be other players, but you’re not playing against them. How you bet has no bearing on the outcome of their hand. And since there aren’t any complicated rules or playing strategies to memorize, you can’t make a “dumb” playing mistake or bet incorrectly or do something that will get your fellow players upset. In other words, you will never feel intimidated when you play mini-baccarat. If anything, you’ll find the atmosphere downright friendly.


Mechanics of Playing

Unlike at the traditional baccarat tables, where players deal the cards, with mini-bac, the casino dealer does all the dealing. In fact, the dealer does everything (all you do is make a bet and collect your winnings).


Here’s how the game is played.

Once all players have made their bets, the dealer will deal two cards face down to the Player Hand and another two cards face down to the Bank Hand. The dealer places the cards for both hands in the designated Player and Bank hand areas in the center of the layout. These two hands are the only hands that are dealt. Think of them as community hands in which all players have their bets riding on one or the other hand.

Now the excitement begins. The dealer faces the cards and announces the total or score for each hand (for example, the dealer will say “Players have 5 and Bank has 7”). Sometimes the game ends right then and there with the hand that has the higher score declared the winner. Other times, one or both hands will be required to draw a third card.

Now don’t panic, because you don’t have to make the decision whether or not one or the other hand should draw a third card. There are rigid casino rules that determine which hand should get a third card, and the dealer is paid to know them. He makes all the decisions. These rules are summarized in Table 1. Just keep in mind that it’s not necessary to learn them in order to play mini-baccarat.

Table 1


Third Card Drawing Rules

Rule #1


If either hand totals a natural 8 or 9, the round is over and both hands must stand (i.e. neither hand draws a third card). If neither hand has a natural, then the Player Hand must act first.

Rule #2


If the initial two-card Player Hand totals 5 or less, the Player Hand must draw a third card. If the total is 6 or 7, the Player Hand must stand.

Rule #3


If the Player Hand stands, the rules for the Bank Hand are the same as the Player’s (Bank Hand must draw a third card on totals of 5 or less and stand on 6 and 7).

Rule #4


If the Player Hand draws a third card, the Bank Hand must stand or draw according to the following chart:


P L A Y E R   3rd C A R D

B   0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A 0 D D D D D D D D D D

N 1 D D D D D D D D D D

K 2 D D D D D D D D D D

3 D D D D D D D D S D

H 4 S S D D D D D D S S

A 5 S S S S D D D D S S

N 6 S S S S S S D D S S

D 7 S S S S S S S S S S



D=Draw  S=Stand

What Makes Mini-Bac “Fun”


If you glance at the table, you’ll see that the third card draw rules for the Player Hand are not the same as the third card rules for the Bank Hand. This difference results in the exciting outcome of most hands. For example, suppose the following cards were dealt to the Player and Bank Hands:


Player Hand: 2+3=5


Bank Hand: Ace+2=3


At this stage of the game, the Player Hand is beating the Bank Hand by a score of 5 to 3. Players who wagered on the Player Hand wish the game would end right there, because the Player Hand would be declared the winner. But check Rule #2 in Table 1. It states that the Player Hand must draw if the initial two-card Player Hand totals 5 or less. So in our example, even though the Player Hand is ahead, it must draw a third card.

So what’s the big deal you ask? Suppose the draw card was a 6. This would give the Player Hand a final score of 1, and in the time it took for the dealer to face that draw card, the Bank Hand has taken the lead. But all is not lost for Player Hand bettors. Rule #4 states that if the Player Hand draws, you need to check the table to determine if the Bank Hand draws. You look across the top and find the value of the third card that was given to the Player Hand (in our example, it was a 6). Go down the first column to a Bank hand of 3. Where the row and column intersects you find the letter D (which means Draw). In our example, the Bank Hand must therefore take a card.

Suppose the draw card was an 8, which now gives the Bank Hand a final score of zero (Ace+2+8=0). The Player Hand, which was in the lead, then fell behind, finally ends up victorious with a final score of 1 over 0.

Do you see why mini-bac is not only easy to play but exciting? In fact, when third-card draws are involved (which they often are), the excitement escalates, as the lead can change several times …

Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Review of The Secret to Winning Big in Tournament Poker Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Ken Buntjer is well known to those who follow the major poker tournament circuit. He has won numerous titles at some of the biggest poker tournaments around. In this book, Buntjer sets forth his methods for winning these big events, focusing on techniques for beating Limit Texas Hold’em events.

The first chapter is introductory material, after which Buntjer divides the stages of a major tournament into steps, and then explains his strategies in each step. This starts with pre-tourney preparation and immediately moves into early tournament tactics, including the rebuy period.

During the chapter on the early tournament, Buntjer explains his player classification system, associating the way each player plays with one of seven different animal types. Like all attempts to classify players into categories, an experienced player can easily recall examples where this categorization breaks down. As one would expect, anyone who uses a method like this runs the very real risk of overgeneralization. However, a fairly naive classification scheme may be useful to relatively inexperienced players, and I don’t think this one is worse than others I’ve seen. I really don’t think this is a valuable tool for skilled players, but as long as one remains cognizant of its limitations, it probably doesn’t hurt much.

Buntjer goes on to cover play in the middle and later stages of a tournament, with special emphasis on the very late stages, with chapters specifically covering the last three tables, the last table, the last three players, and heads up play. The book closes with some advice on what to do after the tournament is over and some appendices which list the tournament structures for several events that were popular at the time the book was written.

It’s curious the number of places where Buntjer doesn’t provide information. He talks about making deals, but doesn’t give any specifics that would help a player tell a good deal from a bad one. The author discusses rebuy tournaments, but doesn’t mention under what circumstances making a rebuy or add-on is appropriate and when it isn’t. Entry fees and potential strategy changes due to different structures don’t get much coverage here either. If one is looking for a thorough book on tournament poker, this one isn’t it.

I found the most interesting part of the book to be Buntjer’s recommendations on how to pay certain stack sizes as they relate to the blinds. While this advice is directly applicable only to Limit Hold’em tournaments, these ideas could be applied to other games with a little work. Some of the information covering differing styles of play as the Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 progresses is good, but there’s similar information in other books that don’t cost quite as much.

As is often the case in poker books, if the advice here, and there is some good advice in this book, causes the reader to move up one spot in one major tournament, the book will pay for itself. There is some good information here so that the serious tournament player or poker book junkie is unlikely to feel like they’ve completely wasted their time. However, The Secret to Winning Big in Tournament Poker is not a thorough guide to tournament poker, and it does pack a steep price tag for the information it contains. It’s also not as long as it might at first seem as the page numbering is a bit funky.


Serious tournament poker players may find some of this information of enough use to justify its price tag, but overall, there are enough gaps to prevent this from being the best poker tournament book on the market, or even one of the better ones. There is some interesting information here, and there isn’t a whole lot I think is bad advice, but I believe for most readers it’s a steep price for what you get.



Ligaz11 Review of Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition

Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players has certainly been one of the most influential poker books ever written, it has literally changed how people have played this game. Moreover, this book has, in large part, set the standard by which other poker books have been judged. Now, a much expanded new edition for the 21st century has been released.

The book starts with several short preliminary sections, including the Forward by expert player Ray Zee, the Introduction, and a section called “Using This Book”. The reader is warned immediately that this book should not be read casually. It is intended as a text book on Texas Hold’em and will need to be studied as a text, not read as one would a novel, if the reader is to maximize the benefit of the material within.

Then, the first of eight sections begins, covering the play of the first two cards. This includes the now famous hand ranking table. The authors recommend which sorts of hands to play in various positions but emphasize that it is not sufficient to just play well before the flop to be a winning player. The second section covers various important concepts about which the Hold’em player must be aware, including Semi-Bluffing, Slow Playing, the Check Raise, Inducing Bluffs, and many more. The third section covers a wide variety of topics, including playing when a flush draw flops, playing trash hands, playing against a maniac, etc.. Most of these sections were classics when they were written. They’re even better now that they’ve been updated to more closely reflect the sorts of games that are commonly found in card rooms today.

Sections four through six cover playing in all sorts of non-standard games, and this is the area where the book has been most greatly expanded since its original printing. We learn about playing in loose games, including so-called “No Fold’em” games, playing short handed, and playing in other unusual circumstances. All of this information is very interesting and has been updated to be much more closely aligned to the sorts of games commonly found today. Of course, there is much more that could be said on some of these topics, such as playing in spread limit games, but the authors cover a lot of territory already. I especially like the new sections that cover considerations in playing some especially tricky starting hands, like AQoff.

Part seven includes commentary on other ligaz11 skills the successful Hold’em player will want to possess, such as reading hands and applying psychology. Finally, the last section, Questions and Answers, provides a quiz covering much of the material presented in earlier chapters so the reader can test themselves to see whether they’ve understood what the authors were trying to communicate. I’ve always felt that this was one of the strongest sections of this book and other publications by Two Plus Two, and I’m glad to see that it has been greatly expanded in the most recent edition. The book ends with some concluding remarks, an appendix on calculating probabilities, and a glossary.

Of course, Sklansky and Malmuth have never shied away from controversy. There was plenty for Hold’em players to debate in the first edition of this book, and there is certainly much one could fairly argue about in this edition. Although I wouldn’t compare my strategic understanding of the game to the authors, there are strategies suggested in this book that I’m not certain are optimal, and I’m sure many people will argue the minutia of these many times over. However, I’m less interested in the specific merit of the play of a single controversial hand than I am in the strategic concepts the authors are trying to teach. While I might quibble about whether that strategic concept is applicable in an example that they provide, I never get the feeling that the strategic concept itself is questionable. One of the great things about Texas Hold’em is that there are so many possible ways to play a given hand, and that great players can disagree on these points. The way one can tell a great player from a mediocre one is whether they can accurately read the situation and take into account the strategic concepts that need to be applied at the moment, much more so than whether they bet, raise, check or fold. One would be well advised, in my opinion, to keep this in mind while reading this book.

Clearly, this book is a classic, and I doubt there are very many successful limit Texas Hold’em players playing today who do not own a copy of one of the earlier editions. Certainly, those that plan to play Hold’em well should own a copy of this work and read it several times. The big question is whether owners of previous revisions of this book should upgrade to the 21st Century Edition. Note that this is the third update of this work, the original was published in 1988, it was updated in 1994, and the current version was released in the summer of 1999. I have only the 1988 and 1999 editions, so I can only speak to those.

By my count, 150 pages have been added to the 182 page 1988 edition. In addition to new sections, there are minor changes to reflect how the game has evolved over the years and to emphasize concepts that caused some conclusion in earlier editions. Overall, given the changes that have been made to the 21st Century Edition from the first edition, I would recommend that those people who are serious about their Hold’em game and have read the 1988 edition upgrade their copies of this book. Although I do not have enough information to make the same claim for the 1994 edition, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was worth upgrading from the second edition as well.


Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players is one of the classics of the poker literature. This book is extremely well written, and it’s hard for me to believe that many players are likely to master today’s games without having read and studied this text. Further, the 21st Century Edition is, in my opinion, enough of an improvement over the first edition that those who have already read the 1988 version should buy and read the new edition as well.



Togel Singapore

Thunderbird Judi Bola Online Gaming Sells

Business Wire – International Thunderbird Gaming Corporation is pleased to announce that it has sold its Internet gaming division.

Thunderbird was approached by the purchaser which is currently involved in the operations of two Internet gaming sites called and The sale will result in a gain of approximately US$175,000 to the Corporation, which will be recorded in the second quarter.

The agreement of sale is subject to final closing documentation, but should be completed within days. The sale of the division permits Thunderbird to focus on our rapidly growing and profitable core activity of casino and gaming facility development and management.

Thunderbird is also pleased to announce that all shareholder proposals have been approved by shareholders at its Annual General Meeting held in San Diego yesterday by substantial majorities. Mr. Jorge Montano, former Mexican ambassador to the United States, and Mr. Dave Michelson, Thunderbird’s Chief Financial Officer have joined Mr. Jack Mitchell, Mr. Albert Atallah and Mr. Alex Winch as directors of the corporation.

International Thunderbird Gaming Corporation is an owner and manager of international Togel Singapore gaming facilities. Additional information about the Company is available on its web site at

Record Slot Jackpot Waiting to be Won

Jackpot Mania’s Rags to Riches Progressive Slot Machine will soon break the record for the largest slot machine jackpot payout in online gambling history.

The current record was set nearly a year ago on June 17 when Sharon P won $171,893.53 playing the CashSplash Progressive Slot Machine at King Solomons Online Casino.

Rags to Riches has already topped $200,000 and will continue to build until someone wins.

If the pot continues to build without a winner, Rags to Riches may surpass the record for the overall largest online progressive jackpot. The mark was set in March when a player nicknamed CREED won $235,661.88 on the Caribbean Poker progressive at The Sands of the Caribbean.

Rags to Riches Jackpot is now $UNKNOWN

Sharon P’s Record Slot Jackpot is $171,893.53

CREED’s Record Caribbean Poker Jackpot is $235,661.88

Maximize your Gambling Time

Online gambling can be a very alluring, very lucrative pastime. But it can also be very time-consuming. So what’s the best way to free up your time to gamble – short of quitting your job and becoming a recluse? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Watch less television. Avoid getting sucked into summer re-runs this year and make better use of your time. Better still, get a high-speed connection to surf the Web and take up channel surfing when the new TV season starts up again.


  1. Learn to delegate. Time is money! You can’t clean the house, wash the car, walk the dog and keep your place at the blackjack table. Make sure everyone else is doing their fair share – and your share, too – of the work around the house or office.


  1. Spend less time downloading. … and more time playing! Downloading can eat up valuable game time. Play no-downloads or plan your downloads for mealtimes.


  1. Organize your schedule to include more time online. Get up an hour earlier or pick up your drycleaning on the way to work. Pencil in an extra hour each day for online gambling and enjoy time well spent.


  1. Go play with your friends. Arrange to meet your friends at a multi-player casino instead of going out for a beer. Most sites have a multi-player feature that allows you to play and chat at the same time.


  1. Rent fewer movies. Cuddling on the sofa with a good movie is a great way to spend the evening – once in a while. Shake things up by going online with your partner to play a few hands of blackjack. And who knows? They might like it.


  1. Work fewer hours. Back in the good old days we used to work eight hours a day, five days a week. Overtime was something you’d sit through at a hockey game. Cut out of work a little earlier, at the risk of losing your job (and your sanity).


  1. Learn to have more fun. It’s okay to enjoy the finer things in life, like gambling. Really. You probably won’t be able to solve the energy crisis anytime soon, so have some fun while there’s still time.


  1. Cash in those banked days off. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to spend your hard-earned days off but you can’t really afford a week in Vegas or Atlantic City, try spending your holidays gambling online from home. There’s no airline ticket to buy, and with a little luck, you might win just as big.


  1. Keep your job, but quit worrying. Worrying is unhealthy, unproductive, unattractive and just about every other “un” thing in the book. It’s also a big fat waste of time. Avoid losing your shirt by playing with a cool, clear head.


Check out our online casino directory for a few suggestions on where to play – if you’ve got any time left. And for more information on time management, go to



เว็บตรงสล็อตแตกง่าย ที่สุด

Online เว็บตรงสล็อตแตกง่าย ที่สุด Gambling: Natural Evil (or Only Natural)?

Online gambling has evolved into a billion dollar e-business since its inception in the mid ’90s and that count is expected to triple over the next few years. Not bad for an industry whose humble beginnings were discovered in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Earlier on in the game, dice and cards were important divination tools used by shaman priests during natural religious rituals. The luck of the draw or the roll of the dice was believed to carry powerful messages and links to the future. The discovery of ‘loaded’ dice in Egyptian tombs suggests that some pharaohs may have been compulsive gamblers. And it wasn’t uncommon for ‘common’ people to lose their shirts over a game of dice. All unpaid debts would have to be worked off and what better way to punish those debt-heavy commoners than to get them to help build Egypt’s great pyramids.

By the time the church entered the scene, gambling’s roots were set deep into the fabric of popular culture. Naturally, the church objected to any form of divination and betting for money was considered a cardinal sin; the promise of instant wealth was said to induce misery and incite hostile conduct. But that didn’t deter at least a handful of clergymen from misappropriating church funds.

It wasn’t until the mid-nineteenth century that organized casinos made their first appearances in Europe. Profits from these casinos helped to finance the construction of new roads and other entertainment venues. France’s infamous casino in Monte Carlo would attract the interest of other stone-broke, seaside governments.

In a sense, it was just a matter of time. Like those seaside casinos, online gambling first washed up along the shores of indigent resort countries. And like those past cultures, online gambling is representative of the way we live today. We’re buying our groceries online, trading stocks online and getting dates online. Gambling has made its way out of dark, dank tombs and into wired boardrooms and bedrooms. Technology now allows us play anywhere and anytime, but the overall experience remains the same. Net gambling continues to deliver the same charge of excitement. It stimulates, it offers hope and it just feels good. It unleashes our innermost natural animal instincts.

Don’t get me started on casinos that install the short-pay, downright stinky versions of VP’s that target the uneducated player – outrageous!

And, there are quite a few เว็บตรงสล็อตแตกง่าย ที่สุด casinos out there, probably near you, that deliberately install fewer VP’s because most casinos are mandated that games of chance with skill involved must have higher payouts. Therefore, slots impact the casino’s bottom line in a more profitable fashion. You will also receive more slot card points towards comps at a slot machine that any VP version.

Video Poker Made Easier (Winning Strategies for Serious Players) offers more information for all VP’s including newest versions. Writing this book about a favorite casino game, was a labor of love–a fun game with serious payouts. We include VP book in our Premium Offer along with Slots book, four-card strategy set and Casino Gambling Tips booklet for one low price at our site.…

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George’s Situs Pkv Games Premiership Predictions

The Premiership is in to the fifth week of matches after the break for international matches.

Manchester City top the table with a 100% record and look early favourites to win back the title as Chelsea have struggled, losing at home to Palace the last time out.

Manchester United face Liverpool at Old Trafford, buoyed by news keeper David De Gea has signed a new contract. Neighbours City are away at second place Palace. Arsenal face Stoke at home while Chelsea are away at Everton.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Everton 1 v Chelsea 1

Arsenal 3 v Stoke 0

Crystal Palace 1 v Man City 2

Norwich 2 v Bournemouth 1

Watford 1 v Swansea 1

West Brom 0 v Southampton 1

Man Utd 2 v Liverpool 0

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunderland 1 v Tottenham 2

Leicester 3 v Aston Villa 1

Monday, 14 September 2015

West Ham 2 v Newcastle 1

Mourinho Evens To Record Most PL Losses – Chelsea 5/1 To Finish Outside Top 4

Champions Chelsea have made a slow start to retaining their Situs Pkv Games crown, so much so that bet365 are even money about the pre-season favourites losing seven or more Premier League games this season and 5/1 that they finish fifth or lower.

Manchester City have no such problems and before their trip to fellow high-fliers Crystal Palace, bet365 have a market on their Premier League winning distance – the Citizens are also 50/1 to go through the season without tasting a top flight defeat.

2015/16 Premier League – Chelsea Finishing Position

1st 11/2 2nd 9/4 3rd 5/2

4th 9/2 5th+ 5/1

Total Chelsea 2015/16 Premier League Defeats

Over 6.5 Evs Under 6.5 8/11

Chelsea To Win A Major Trophy During 2015/16

Yes 6/5 No 8/13

2015/16 Premier League – Man City Winning Distance

GD 20/1 1 – 3 Pts 5/1 4 – 6 Pts 4/1

7 – 9 Pts 9/2 10+ Pts 8/1

Not Win Title 6/4

Manchester City to be unbeaten throughout 2015/16 PL season 50/1

Soccer – Koeman voices Wanyama support

Ronald Koeman is expecting midfielder Victor Wanyama to feature for Southampton against West Brom after a deadline day move failed to materialise. The 24-year-old former Celtic midfield powerhouse handed in a transfer request at St Mary’s to try and secure a transfer away from the South Coast, but the Saints held firm with their line that Wanyama was not for sale. And head coach Koeman is confident that Wanyama now has his focus firmly on his immediate future with the Saints, with the Saints 6/4 with bet365 to win at The Hawthorns. Koeman told reporters: “We know the future, Victor knows the future and I spoke to Victor and he’s back with a real focus for the team – if he’s back like that, he’s part of the team. “When I spoke to Victor, already it was a different person than he was in the last week of the transfer window. It’s possible that Victor will start this weekend. “If the player shows real commitment to everybody at the club, I can forget what happened in the last week.”

Soccer – Pulis hints at Berahino return

West Brom head coach Tony Pulis has hinted strongly that striker Saido Berahino could feature against Southampton this weekend. The England Under-21 frontman was eager to push through a deadline day move to Tottenham Hotspur, with Albion holding firm in their desire to keep him at the club for the time being. And, while Pulis remains none too pleased with his player’s actions, he is content to move on and bring Berahino back into the Baggies fold. He told BBC Radio WM: “Saido’s been exploited by a system I’ve said I don’t like and I think it should be changed. “The fact that he wants to play for a top team, I wish most of the players here would have those expectations and ambitions. “The problem Saido has is in the way he’s gone around it. He’s not shown the respect to people around this club that he should have.” West Brom are 11/5 with bet365 to defeat the Saints, with Pulis waiting to see if record signing Salomon Rondon has recovered fully from his midweek international duty with Venezuela.





Judi Poker Online

Sheriff Advises Poker Pubs To Fold ‘Em

TAMPA – Five local bars were warned to stop their weekly Texas hold ’em poker tournaments Tuesday.

Detectives for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office visited Dogwater Cafe, Babalouies and the Prime Time Sports Grill in Tampa, the L.A. Hangout in Lutz and the Tally- Ho Pub in Temple Terrace to ask bar owners to “shut down the games,” said Debbie Carter, spokeswoman for the Hillsborough sheriff’s office.

Carter said detectives responded to complaints received Tuesday and delivered copies of state gambling statutes to the bars.

Run by a local marketing company in about 20 Hillsborough and Pinellas bars, the poker tournaments are free to participants. Players are not required to pay a cover charge or make any minimum purchase.

At most locations, those finishing first, second or third have received a prize, usually a gift certificate to the establishment ranging from $10 to $30.

Florida Statute 849.08 states in part: “Whoever plays or engages in any game at cards, keno, roulette, faro or other game of chance, at any place, by any device whatever, for money or other thing of value, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.”

Despite the warning, the Dogwater Cafe, on Hillsborough Avenue, did not cancel its Judi Poker Online tournament Tuesday night.

“I’ll go on with the games and not offer any prize,” owner Lee Krejci said. “The police basically told me not to have the tournaments at all, but the way the law was explained to me, it’s OK without a prize.

“I thought to be gambling, a player had to invest some money, but I guess not.”

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigated the barroom tournaments in its jurisdiction and determined the games are legal because participants “are not putting up any money to play,” sheriff’s spokesman Tim Goodman said last week.

Detectives have not changed their stance on the games, Pinellas sheriff’s spokesman Mac McMullen said Tuesday. “But they are still being looked at.”

Champps Restaurant & Bar, at Tampa’s International Plaza, which has hosted tournaments for seven weeks, had its usual crowd of about 50 poker players Tuesday night.

As usual, players did not win gift certificates, only entry to a tournament in which the winner will receive a trip to Las Vegas.

“When we finish with our 10-week commitment to the poker tournaments, that will be the end of poker for us,” said Diego Cordoba, Champps’ general manager.

“As a company with locations across the country, we have decided not to continue because we are running into trouble with law enforcement in Michigan and the Carolinas and other places.

“I would like to continue; our crowds have grown every week.”…