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BJMC Course in Delhi: Tips to Ace the Interview


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Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is a popular undergraduate course that trains students in media and communication. The admission process for bjmc course in delhi usually involves an interview round. Here are some tips to ace the interview for BJMC course in Delhi.

  1. Research the College: Before attending the interview, research the college and gather information about its history, reputation, faculty, and courses offered. This will help you answer questions about the college and demonstrate your interest in the course.
  2. Be Confident: During the interview, be confident and articulate. Speak clearly and concisely and answer questions with conviction. Avoid using fillers and be honest with your answers.
  3. Prepare for Common Questions: Prepare for common questions that may be asked during the interview, such as why you chose to pursue BJMC, your strengths and weaknesses, your long-term career goals, and your experience in media and communication.
  4. Showcase Your Skills: During the interview, showcase your skills in media and communication by sharing your portfolio, writing samples, videos, or any other work that you have done in this field. This will demonstrate your passion and talent for media and communication.
  5. Dress Appropriately: Dress appropriately for the interview and maintain a professional demeanor. Avoid wearing flashy or casual clothes and maintain good body language throughout the interview.
  6. Ask Questions: Towards the end of the interview, ask questions about the course, faculty, facilities, or any other queries that you may have. This will demonstrate your interest in the course and the college.

In conclusion, the interview round for BJMC course in Delhi is an important aspect of the admission process. By following these tips, aspirants can ace the interview and increase their chances of getting admission to the top BJMC colleges in Delhi.

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