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CT” Casino Country” offers Premier Bed & Breakfast Accommodations to Slot Online Players

There is no doubt that the 20,000 plus people who visit Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casino’s located in Eastern CT , on a daily basis are having the times of their lives.


But after the excitement, energy, and crowds, many visitors like to experience the relaxed hospitality of a New England Bed & Breakfast. Perhaps curl up in front of your own fireplace in a luxury guest room with four poster bed. There are many B & B’s dotted throughout the beautiful countryside surrounding both Casinos-several only minutes from either casino. There rates are all very comperable to local hotels, with many offering mid-week special rates and extra value incentives. All are also within a short 25 minute drive of Mystic and all it has to offer.


The Mystic Country Inn’s Association has 8 properties, all individually owned and operated that offer a wide range of lodging accommodations. From a circa 1793 Colonial Farm to a modern hideaway nestled in the woods complete with inground swimming pool. Guests to these Bed & Breakfasts have the added bonus of working directly with the owner/innkeepers who are very knowledgeable about the area, many offer discount vouchers to Casino restaurants,area attractions and local restaurants, and go out of their way to ensure a wonderful stay at their inn.


Whether you are traveling singly or with your family, the Mystic Country Inn’s Association can accommodate your specific needs with one simple “hot line” phone number: 1-800-598-7116. This number is staffed seven days per week from 8am-9:00 pm and the innkeepers are aware of all rooms available and will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to find a place to stay in CT’s “Casino Country”.


America’s Premiere Lottery Magazine Set To Make History…Again!


Fort Myers, FL—For a new publication serving the needs of America’s 150 million weekly lottery judi slot  players, Lottery$ecret$ magazine began quietly making electronic publishing history with its debut this past June when its first issue penetrated more than half the 38 states holding lotteries in the U.S. as well as attracting subscriber’s internationally.


Now, with the award of a million dollar check to an online lottery winner this past week by FreeLotto.com, Lottery$ecret$ magazine is set to make history once more by being the first lottery magazine to provide the players of this popular game with complete handicapping and game statistics in their pages and daily online updates at their new Castor-Pollux Publications website (http://caspopub.com). But, there’s more to this story.


Lottery$ecret$ magazine’s format is history making too. The magazine is the first to

present lottery results in a manner previously unseen in ANY lottery publication. While other lottery publications present players with a mere “list” of previous game results,

Lottery$ecret$ has a unique method of breaking down those results and thus reducing the ‘statistical noise’ making short-term game trends easier for players to see and take advantage of in their game play.


Moreover, each lottery player has their magazine delivered to them with “customised

color-coded statistics”–another first for ANY lottery publication.


According to Lottery$ecret$ editor, A. L. De Armond, “This means each issue of our

magazine going to each different lottery state is a completely ‘custom’ product. Each issue provides the player with statistics ONLY for their games of choice. It’s never been done before in lotto publishing history and wouldn’t be cost effective if we were the normal print publication instead of being electronically published and delivered.”


Perhaps, according to De Armond, the biggest history making facet of Lottery$ecret$ magazine is the publications “No Magic Beans” approach to publishing lottery information and advice to players. “We don’t publish ‘predictions’ for players, but rather provide education and researched methods to make the player a more consistent winner, while they play for a jackpot win! We feel this is a more ‘honest’ approach than producing

predictions that could be a week or more stale by the time they were published even

electronically,” De Armond said.


Lottery$ecret$ magazine, has become “America’s premiere lottery magazine for lotteries worldwide” in less than six months and now boasts an international audience with subscribers from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


The magazine also sponsors an online forum and egroup for players.